If you’re a home buyer or seller looking for a real estate professional to help you maximize your opportunities, first and foremost, character counts.  Jon Singleton understands. During his years of local service in Jacksonville’s historic communities, Jon has built a reputation for his strong work ethic, for being true to his word and for acting only in his customers’ best interest.  Essentially, this dedicated professional has catapulted to the forefront of the industry because of his character.  Make the most of your move and give Jon a call today.

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For sellers, making property stand out for the best price takes creativity and high impact marketing.  Successful selling in this market is a still a varsity level game.  The home has to be the best one to get the best price.  It takes planning and a lot of patience, and hiring a professional Realtor® to manage both can help immensely.

To achieve success: the property must be priced well, it must make a positive impression, and it must be effectively marketed to the public.  Pricing must be calculated through comparing recent sales (ideally within the last six months).  Last year’s sale prices are irrelevant, because the banks may not accept appraisals which take them into account.  In looking at recent sales, be sure to take the condition of the sale into consideration.  A discounted sales price due to a bank foreclosure or relocation company sale is not the same as a non-distressed closing.

The home should not only be priced well, but should show beautifully.  There is very little room for error, and the first impression must make the house stand out from the rest.  Pay attention to both the interior and exterior, ensuring the home shows will virtually (through internet photos/videos and print marketing) as well as it does in person.  The goal is to have the best looking home on the market, and with the proper attention, the overall effect will be wonderful!

Making the proper preparations will work best when combined with an aggressive marketing strategy.  It’s time to pull out all the stops to let the market know what is being offered.  This includes newspaper, magazine and television ads, photos and virtual tours, flyers, direct mail, open houses, MLS, internet, and network marketing.  Different properties will require different tactics, depending on the target audience.  Younger buyers will need to see more internet content, while “move-up” properties may use direct mail or personal social network campaigns.  The use of Realtor® networks has also become increasingly important, as the professionals try to make sense of the marketplace.  By tapping into these, the details regarding specific listings are made available to a wider array of potential buyers.  Regardless of the method, the message has to be transmitted for the property to stand out in the market. 


I'm a HUGE believer in using ALL marketing to get the word out, and attract buyers.  This is done Locally, Regionally, and Globally, through print, web, email, and face-to-face networking and advertising.  My team prints and delivers almost 1,000 flyers a week, and create and host large events, such as Giant Open Houses, Broker's Opens, Networking functions, etc. all to get the word out.